We feel really upset, when we lost something, even if it is not very important. I must say, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. You may disturb your stomach thinking about that thing.

There is a complete list of things that no one ever wants to lose, but do you know what is at the top of that list? Yeah! You got it right. KEYS. It is very frustrating when you come to know that you have lost your keys; no matter which keys.

However, if you adopt the way of living and follow our 5 tips, you can reduce the chances of losing keys to a great extent. What are these ways? Let’s discuss.

Designated Spot:

The first way is a simpler one. Make a designated place for important things like your keys, wallet, watch etc. Usually, families like to designate a shelf or a key holder, specifically for the keys, you can also use a bowl for these common-yet-important things. This tip is useful for big families as well, as the key of all family members is at the same place.

Use your Pockets:

When not at home, the best place to keep your keys secured in your pocket. Many people have the habit of keeping keys in their pocket.

If it is not possible for you, always check if you have the keys before leaving a restaurant, library, or any other place. You can also use a keychain that connects to your belt loop or bag. This will save your time from searching for the keys in all your pockets or at the bottom of your bag.

Extra Copies of Keys:

If you are tired of losing your keys and no tip seems working for you, consider making some extra copies of important keys, in case you lose one.

Another tip is no to leave different keys in a single ring because if by chance, you lose one, you’ll lose all. You can keep the extra key to your house in many places, but the best would be your car and place car keys and home keys separately. This tip might be looking a headache to you for now, but believe me, it could be life-saving.

Electronic Item Tracker:

These days, you can find many devices that can help you for this purpose. For instance, there is an electronic device which can be attached to your key ring, and if your key ring is lost, you can track it using an app on your mobile phone.

These devices are a bit expensive, so keep them as your last option. However, many people find it extremely useful.
Worst Case Scenario:

Well, you probably need to get ready for the worst-case scenario. If you have lost your keys and you are not finding them despite all your efforts, what is the option left for you? Call a locksmith. You can either get new keys or a better way could be to replace your locks. The later is a smarter route after losing keys, especially, if they are your house keys.

While it happens to all of us, you can minimize the chances by using these tips. Generally, you can avoid losing keys by simply remembering to check them and keeping them in one place. More so, modern transponder keys may or may not have tracking technologies inside of them to make locating modern keys even easier.