This is the sort of question that a professional locksmith is asked on a regular basis and it is an understandable one. That is why we need to allow a professional locksmith to determine what our needs are before we make a potentially disastrous decision for our home or business. Be sure to read on and learn more about each option so that you can learn which of them is best for your needs.

Why We Should Rekey a Lock

This is the best choice for those who wish to keep the same lock that they have already purchased. If the springs and pins have begun to malfunction but the rest of the lock is fine, this is the way to go. The lock can typically be rekeyed and not experience any sort of downtime in these scenarios.

For those who are looking to avoid the difficulty of replacing an entire lock and are not experiencing any sort of major malfunction, rekeying is best. Unless the owner of the home or business is in search of a completely different style of lock, they can utilize the same lock that they have been using already.

The main reason why a home or business owner will decide that they wish to rekey a lock is to maintain a sense of control over the property that they are trying to protect. If you have provided a key to a friend or loved one and you now wish to keep them from having access to the property, rekeying is in your best interests.

Why We Should Replace a Lock

There are going to be certain circumstances that require us to replace a lock whether we want to or not and it is important to know what these circumstances are. Locks tend to experience a natural wear and tear that causes them to need replacement. Monitoring these situations is crucial. Otherwise, vulnerabilities could take place that make it easier for unwanted intruders to arrive.

Sometimes, locks can even become worn to the point where a rekeying will do precious little to restore them to full functionality. In these instances, a replacement is in our best interests. Others may decide that they wish to replace their current door lock with a model that is more aesthetically pleasing or they may need to accommodate others.

Certain locks can be designed to assist those who suffer from disabilities and these locks can be pivotal. Deadbolts and lever handle locks may also provide the enhance safety that a home or a business owner desires. Before replacing or rekeying a lock, we must first take the time to speak with a professional locksmith to make sure that we are making the proper decision.