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What is a magnetic Door Lock?

magnetic door locksMagnetic door lock is a kind of automatic lock which uses its powerful magnetic property and a receiving plate that holds the lock tight to prevent burglary or theft. It acts as an additional layer of security for your business.
These are very secure locks that keep any business safe whether small scale or large scale. At New Braunfels Locksmith we offer best quality locks, installation and repair services all at affordable prices in your local area. As your trusted and local locksmith, our team will guide you the ideal solution for your commercial building in an efficient way. Our goal is to safeguard your business and to accomplish this, we have high quality commercial magnetic and electric locks

What are the advantages of magnetic locks?


1. The major advantage of having this piece of technology is very little electrical power is needed to keep them working and thus are rarely hacked by intruders or criminals. Because these are difficult to pick, these are highly suggested for a security audit of your commercial property.

2. Such locks work with all the pragmatic advantages of remote and easily fitted automation where the control system can be configured to prevent any access at the particular point of time
3. Unlike the other old and conventional locks, magnetic locks are expected to last longer over the years of wear and tear

4. This system of security wipes out the stress of carrying the traditional physical keys which sooner or later can be lost or stolen for any reason

5. Magnetic door locks help in cutting down the long term costs of key cutting. Employee turnover is common in any business and in some cases it means entrie locking system has to be changed for entry/exit and new keys have to be issued to the new employee. Securing the locking system multiple times can be very expensive.

Types of Magnetic Lock Services :

We are one of the industry leading company and work for 24 hours to provide our clients a wide range of magnetic door lock services such as
• Durable magnetic locks
• Delayed magnetic locks
• Intelligent magnetic locks
• DM magnetic locks
• Shear Aligning magnetic locks
• Electromagnetic magnetic locks
• Cabinet magnetic locks
• Vista Magnets

Electromagnetic locks operate when electrical current is passed through a single coiled wire that’s wrapped around a piece of metal. In the absence of this current, the door will unlock. In the event of an emergency or fire, such locks automatically get unlocked with the pulling of a fire alarm and after sometime when the current returns (power failure), it will magnetically bind the door to the frame.

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We know that your property holds the most valuable possession to you, so you should just not trust any locksmith for assistance. Before choosing one,have a surety about their credentials, reputation, and past experiences. We are happy to that our clients can rely on us anytime for

● 30 minutes response time
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● High-quality installations and repairing
● 24/7 availability
● Licensed, bonded, and insured team of experts
We provide all types of magnetic door lock services with a proper guidance to help you develop a secure lifestyle. They will diagnose the issue and repair/replace the damaged parts and provide rapid services for your commercial areas So, anytime you need us in a matter of minutes, simply call on (830) 282-6966 .
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