burglary damage repairYour New Braunfels home, business and that belongs to you means the world to you. But when an intruder finds a way to enter your home, all your personal things are just a way of making a living for them. They don’t have any meaning to them, meaning all they can do is find the next possible person to see them too. Most burglars will take any chance they get to get something from your New Braunfels home. To stop them by using these simple steps.

Have routine checks

After sometimes, your locks might stop working the way they used to. Also, kids are even visitors may forget to lock the doors or windows. According to statistics, 3 out of 10 intruders gain access to your home via open doors and window. Regular check especially every night before you go to sleep or morning before going to work will help prevent a burglary from happening.

Make sure your alarm system is working properly

Before going to bed and leaving for work, always make sure you set on your alarm system and try to see if it is working properly. An alarm system is affordable and will save you the cost of having to repair locks or even purchase new furniture when the one you have been stolen.

Use grade 1 rated locks

Locks are essential parts of denying intruder access to your home. To successfully secede, ensure the locks you are using a rated grade 1. If that is impossible, choose the best locks that provide maximum security.

Protect lock snapping

Most burglars access the home through lock snapping, they use makeshift tools and other methods to as nap your locks and gain entry. To avoid lock snapping, upgrade your lock system by using cylinders made specifically to prevent the attacks.

Secure your perimeters

Your home walls, hedging, or fencing can either deter or attract thieves. A weak perimeter will always attract intruders to your New Braunfels home. Things like back gate weak locks or sagging fence will attack burglars. Insure that all windows have locks installed on them.

Use additional door security

If you find it difficult to use grade 1 locks, or even when you use them to consider adding door chain and spy holes to keep unwanted guests away.

Add lights

Thieves hate lights. Although some burglaries go on during the daytime, most happen in the cover of darkness. Reduce the risk of an intruder in your New Braunfels home by adding lights and even installing motion lights near the front or other places on your property.