Tips to secure your windows

May 10, 2018Home Security

Knowing how to burglar proof your windows is a key aspect of home ownership and yet there are still some homeowners out there who struggle with it. And you don’t always need a locksmiths help. To that end, we have prepared a list of ways for you to handle this task with minimal muss and fuss. If you would like to learn more about the best possible ways to keep your windows burglar proof, be sure to keep reading….

Installing Impact Resistant Glass

When we imagine a burglary taking place at our home, we all have the mental image of a crook all dressed in black taking a crowbar to our precious windows. One of the easiest ways to avoid these types of concerns is by installing windows that are resistant to impact. The harder it is for the burglar to break the glass that is in your windows, the more difficult it becomes for them to execute a robbery before the police can be called.

Add Burglar Bars

This is one of the most common tactics for homeowners who are looking to keep their home safe. If you decide to rely on a net or a screen, this can be punched out with ease and your home or business will be left completely vulnerable. Metal burglar bars are essentially impossible for a burglar to penetrate. Don’t choose a set of burglar bars with large gaps in between them or it will be easy for an intruder to make their way inside.

Rely on Floodlights

If there is one thing that will frighten away a burglar before they have a chance to enter your home, it is the presence of floodlights. While many home and business owners have installed floodlights at their entrances, we should be adding them to our windows as well. Think of a burglar like a cockroach. As soon as the lights are turned on, all of the roaches scatter and a burglar is no different.

Strategic Item Placement

By placing items near the windows that are bound to topple over when a burglar comes close, it is as good as having an extra alarm system at your disposal. If a burglar should decide that they wish to make their way through your window, the items will fall and create enough noise to keep them from being able to follow through on their nefarious plans.

Using Reflective Glass

The average burglar isn’t going to break into a home on a pure whim. They will want to take a look inside first to make sure that there are things in your home that they would actually want. The easiest way to ward off these sorts of intruders is by utilizing reflective glass that does not allow them to “case the joint” prior to making a break in attempt.